2018 New Years Resolution: Take Your Own Car on a Track Day

If like many you have long daydreamed of being a racing driver, or you just want to know what your car can really do, or in our case both. Then you need to get to a track day with your own car.

So how does it work? It’s pretty damn simple really, you find a track day local to you, you turn up with your car (advance booking generally recommended), you become an Ayrton Senna like god of the road! Well almost anyway, you will have a briefing and undoubtedly sign some disclaimers and then you really are free to just hoon your beloved motor around a track. Of course each track will have it’s own policies, procedures and rules, but the idea is to give you the freedom to drive. Drive without speed limits that is, without the wonderful constabulary potentially waiting around a corner, no traffic lights, no Honda Jazz drivers! Disclaimer- technically Honda Jazz’s are allowed at track days.

With all this in mind, the real question is where can you go and do this wonderful thing?!

Brands Hatch


In order to help you along we have compiled a list of the biggest and best track day locations in the South East.

Brands Hatch has been a motorsports venue since 1926 and is one of the best known tracks in the UK. The track is known for being challenging but great fun.



The famous Goodwood track is synonymous the world over with cars and motorsport thanks to it’s huge yearly event of the same name. Now you can experience it for yourself.

Lydden Hill

Lydden Hill is one of the shorter UK tracks at just 1 mile, but that is one great mile!



Thruxton is believed to be the fastest circuit in the country with legendary high speed corners and a reputation as a real drivers circuit – no better way to test what your pride and joy is really capable of. The track is also one of longest at 2.4 miles, so plenty to challenge yourself on.



Donnington Park

One of the most internationally renowned and historically significant circuits in the world. Not quite in the South East but well worth a visit is the famous Donnington Park track where Ayrton Senna famously overtook 5 cars in the opening lap of the British Grand Prix.



Another great track to check out is Snetterton. The track has undergone somewhat of a renaissance during the recent years following a multi-million pound redevelopment project at the start of 2011. Its combination of long straights and a wide variety of turns challenges both power and handling.


One thing to bear in mind is that almost all tracks have a noise limit which your car will need to adhere to. Each of the websites tells you what this limit is, so if your car sets off alarms when you rev then maybe get it tested before arriving at a track day.

If you are performance minded and let’s be honest, we all are, then we also suggest popping into Dyno Driven for a rolling road session to test your cars overall performance. If you feel the need for a boost then they can also help you with tuning options.

The experience of driving your own car on track is truly something great, whether it’s a daily, performance monster, super car or track day build special you will want to go back for more.

So no time to lose get yourself ready, go splurge on a personalised race helmet and unnecessary racing shoes and book a track day for 2018.