Dyno Driven at InCarNation 2018 by the Ace Café London


Dyno Driven at InCarNation 2018 by the Ace Café London

On Saturday the 21st April our Dyno Driven crew took our mobile rolling road to perform Dyno runs all day at the Ace Café’s incredible InCarNation event and, after all the hype leading up to the occasion, it didn’t disappoint!


IMG_20180421_091617The event was held on Brighton’s Madeira Drive, a location famed for its spectacular car shows. We arrived at 6am with the sun already bright in the clear blue sky and things literally starting to heat up from the beginning.

The cars were arriving in their droves and last-minute polishes were high on the agenda. As we set up our lorry we watched everything from American muscle cars to the best of British line up to be admired and adored by everyone in attendance.

Our day started with a queue of beautifully modified and wrapped Ford Fiesta ST200s from the Fiesta ST200 International Owners Club and we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to kick us off. Thanks for the coffee guys! We needed it.

To follow we had everything from Mini Coopers to Mercs with Saab engines, even a Ford Focus ST with fire kit (big shout out to the East Sussex Cruisers!). Some of the other notable whips included another lively Focus which banged on every run and a beautiful Bimmer which reached 300bhp, but the most impressive performances have to be handed to the AMG owners group who provided us with a spectacular finale and kept our crowd hanging on to the end.


You Got the Power

As the first of the day’s final two cars were loaded on to the truck and firmly strapped down, the atmosphere was electric. The crowd had started to grow and the whispers of potential pulls of 500-700bhp had them buzzing.

First up was Jordan and his Merc C63s which pulled top scores of 500bhp and pleased the crowd with every run as the sound of his machine blasted through the mob that had amassed to watch the show then further out into the event, but we have to give it to John McLean who handed us his Mercedes E63 5.5 Bi Turbo allowing us to really let rip.

The car pulled 600whp which, with intake temps of 30 degrees considered, translates to a whopping 700bhp! Thanks to both. Ended our day on the highest of highs.

Best in Show

IMG_20180421_165631Of course, our Dyno Driven truck (despite drawing some of the event’s biggest crowds) wasn’t the only thing to see on the day as some of the best examples of both old and new Fords, Chevys, Audis, BMWs, Vauxhalls, and so many more were on display, as well as trade stands from the likes of local cruisers, audio specialists and modification garages.

Our personal favourites included a spectacular black, new shape mustang, a modified Cosworth and a stunning blue Audi R8 V10. Joe even said he would buy Jen one of the Mustangs if she continued to do her job so well. Cue some massive events!

Ace Café London

We couldn’t finish this article without saying a huge thanks to the guys at the Ace Café who put on this incredible event. Well done to Vasilis and Amos, we’re looking forward to working with you again.

Dyno Driven

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