Dyno Runs and Remapping at BHP Performance Show

Two drift cars on the race track

After InCarNation 2018, we didn’t think that our day could get any faster or more intense; we were wrong.

This year’s BHP Performance Show at Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent took place on the hottest May Bank Holiday on record and, with the sun high in the sky, the demo cars shone and the race cars were even hotter.

Dyno Driven at the BHP Show

Ferrari on a rolling roadThe day brought everything from Skodas to Ferraris to be strapped down on our mobile rolling road, not to mention crowds in their droves who came to watch some of the most exciting cars step up to test their metal.

Nissan SkylineThe highest BHP recorded on this occasion was 350 at wheels, achieved by Robert Farmer and his BMW M3; but he wasn’t the only happy customer. Lynton Davis, one our event faves, brought his Nissan Skyline to us for its first Dyno ever! And with his mates on the side taking bets on what they thought it might achieve, the atmosphere was buzzing as we finally revealed that he got 249!

The Ferrari drew the biggest crowds of the day with people gathering in advance, hotly anticipating its performance. The 2002 model scored a respectable 286 and a lot of admiration from the masses, so thanks to Damo for letting us get it on!

Further to that, another crowd pleaser was a slick black Honda NSX which gave us the best sounds of the entire day, even rivalling those from the track. The machine scored 279 at the wheel which, with intake temperatures considered, translated to an impressive 320 and a very happy owner. FYI – we believe he is selling the vehicle so if you’re in the market…

Honda NSXA Quicker Route

Our top specialists were on hand and mapped four cars on the day including the Ferrari that had just been Dyno’d and the top scoring M3 too, meaning we were able to push its BHP up to a whopping 420 at the fly.

Now, in addition to what we normally provide at events, this time we were offering remapping services on the day too; bringing even more of our Dyno Driven garage on the road with us.

We will now be offering truck side re-mapping as well as live mapping at all events going forward.

The Best of the Rest

Of course, the BHP Show certainly wasn’t all about us, the main events were on the track where there were grudge matches aplenty and some incredible demo vehicles there to be marvelled too.

We didn’t get to see many of the track events but the ones we did catch did not disappoint. The drifters put on an amazing show as did the stunt bikers, one of which nearly gave Jen’s dad a heart attack as he thought it was her out there! For the record it wasn’t, she was safe (kind of) by our truck.

Check out our best pics of the event here:

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Thank you!

Finally we would like to say a huge thanks to the event organisers for having us there and for putting on a well run and great day for everyone! You smashed it.

Dyno Driven

Did you know that we don’t just have a mobile rolling road? We also have a specialist remapping and tuning garage in Sussex too. If you would like to talk to us about hiring the truck and the team for events or booking your car in for a remap or tuning then get in touch.

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