The World’s First Mass-Producible 3D Printed Electric Car

3D Printed LSEV

At Dyno Driven we’re always looking through the latest updates on new technologies, models and advances within the automotive industry and electric cars are always a hot topic!

In the past we’ve discussed the electric epidemic and its future within the automotive industry but perhaps the most exciting development is the world’s first mass-producible 3D printed electric car.

Set to revolutionise the industry, here’s everything you need to know about the greatly anticipated LSEV.


The worlds’ first mass producible 3D printed electric car is set to take the industry by storm and costing just £7,500 as many as 20,000 could be on the road by the end of 2019.

XEV, a start-up company based in Italy, collaborated with Chinese 3D-printing specialist to create the LSEV and revealed the two-seater at the China 3D Printing Cultural Museum in Shanghai last month.

Weighing just 992 pounds, the car may not be built for performance. However, it is an affordable option if you’re after an eco-friendly vehicle.

The car can reach up to 43 miles per hour and has a range of 93 miles on a single charge so it’s perfect for running around town.

3D Printing

The LSEV is expected to enter production in the second quarter of 2019 and Polymaker has revealed that all visible parts of the car, except the chassis, seats and glass, are 3D printed. This production reportedly reduced the number of plastic parts and components down from an average 2,000 pieces to just 57.

Taking just three days to print the different components can be built in the following amount of time:

3D Printed LSEV credit Polymaker
Photo Credit: Polymaker
  • Roof: 5 hours
  • Body Side: 6 hours
  • Side Blade: 3 hours
  • Rear Fender: 6 hours
  • Side Door Panel: 8 hours
  • Rocker: 4 hours
  • Front Fender: 3 hours
  • Front Bumper: 4 hours
  • Front Cowl: 3 hours
  • Dashboard: 10 hours


There’s at least one other company producing small numbers of 3D-printed cars, however taking just three days to produce, the LSEV is touted as being the world’s first mass producible 3D-printed car.

Co-founder and CEO of Polymaker, Dr. Luo Xiaofan, has said:
“XEV is the first real mass production project using 3D printing. By saying real, I mean there are also lots of other companies using 3D printing for production. But nothing can really compare with XEV in terms of the size, the scale, and the intensity.”

XEV have reported that up to 7,000 pre orders have been made already, so there is clearly a market for the model.



Photo Credit: Polymaker